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Claire T., Tauranga

I would go to the market often and always thought about the blueberry juice but $30 always seemed a lot for juice. One time when I was at the stand thinking once again to buy one – another customer was saying how he’s never had a cold since he started drinking it. That got me, because my partner has always got a cold, he just has to look at someone with a cold and he catches it, then he brings it home and I would end up with it. This cycle went on throughout each year. –  I also since …Read More

John and Margaret, Northland

After too many years (more than 20) of taking statins for high cholesterol John became convinced that these statins were having a detrimental effect on his health rather than being positive, we decided to try and find if there was a natural way of controlling his cholesterol level. A search on Goggle came up with blue berries and a further search led us to Mamaku Blue. We decided that it was worth a shot so ordered some bottles to try. John found that drinking Mamaku Blue blueberry juice no hardship at all and has religiously taken his blue berry juice …Read More

Judy Thomas, Auckland

I visited Mamaku Blue last March and I was very interested to read Colleen MacCarthy’s testimonial as I also have chronic kidney failure. I was at stage 4 – advanced kidney failure with severe decrease in the filtration of my kidneys. Stage 5 is Dialysis to survive. Anne saw me reading the testimonial and told me a little of Colleen’s success and suggested I have a try. I tasted the sample of juice, and it was so delicious! I bought a bottle and went on the recommended dose of 150 mls daily. A week later I went off for my …Read More

Colleen MacCarthy OBE, DSJ, OSJ

“I was introduced to the Mamaku Blueberry juice in December 2009. I have chronic kidney failure, and chronic heart disease. At that time my Nephrologist had told me that my kidney function was so bad that I would have to go on dialysis. I refused to do that and told him that he needed to find an alternative. I visited my relatives in New Zealand that Christmas, visited the farm and was introduced to the juice. I have been taking the juice on a daily basis ever since, about 150ml per day. Just a couple of weeks ago, I was …Read More