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Anne M., Waipu

I was diagnosed with cancer (4B) of the endometrium in June 2010 and after undergoing surgery (i. e. complete hysterectamy) it was found that one of the tumours had attached to my bladder. This was removed succesfully and I underwent a six months cause of chemotherapy. During this time I was introduced to Mamaku Blueberry Juice and was informed of studies being conducted in America on the high antioxidant content of blueberries and it’s beneficial effects on some cancers. I continued to take the Blueberry juice or the berries fresh or frozen for the duration of my treatment and every …Read More


Kia ora Rick suffers from diabetes and has had cellulitice and swelling of the legs. He has had 2 bouts of cellutice and often has leg swelling. When taking the blueberry juice his sugar levels lower and he generally feels better in himself. His legs heal quicker if he gets any small wounds which is very important for a diabetic. His circulation also improves which helps with the swelling of the legs. Over a period of about 4 months he stopped taking the juice and tried an alternative that someone suggested which was massage of the legs with coconut juice …Read More

Judith B, Thames NZ

Thank goodness for Mamaku Blue’s Blueberry Juice! Some years ago I called into Mamaku Winery on a trip to Rotorua and along with an assortment of delicious goodies, took home two bottles of Blueberry Juice. The velvet texture and rich smoothness was delicious and I indulged myself with the special treat half a wine glass of juice each morning with breakfast. This year I discovered Mamaku Blueberry Juice was available online, directly from Mamaku Blue, and delivered to my door. As I work full time this has meant that for the last ten months I have been able to keep …Read More


Over the past 7 years I have had 3 pneumonias. I now have Bronchiectasis in my lungs along with a bug called pseudononas aeruginosa. I have been on many antibiotics over these years, and in 2012 I found out my kidneys were only working at 69%. I did some research and found that taking Blueberries can help Kidneys. I got into Mamaku Blue in Rotorua, read other peoples testimonials and their success and decided to give it a go, 150 mls every day. Had my next Renal check 12 months later mid September 2013. The result was an improvment by …Read More


I am a diabetic with type 2 diabetes on insulin which gave complications to my kidney. I was seen by the doctor on a monthly basis to monitor the function of my kidney, but on my fifth visit to the doctor I was told that my next appointment will be in a year’s time. I believe the Mamaku Blueberry Juice made a difference. I use to have trouble with my eyesight giving me blurred vision when my sugar level reading rises in the 10 to 15 range. The Blueberry Juice has made a difference – today my eyesight is clear. …Read More


I am a diabetic with type 2 diabetes, this led to my kidney failure. I lost at least 75% of my kidney function, and was on Hemodialysis at the hospital for up to 6 hours every day. I was introduced to Mamaku Blue Pure – 100% Blueberry Juice in January this year 2013. I took the suggested amount for kidney failure of 150mls per day. This had an immediate effect of increasing my urine output from just a quarter of a litre a day to filing the litre bottle and this has continued until the present day. I believe this …Read More


Hi, we recently visited your retail shop and bought blueberry jam. Just like to tell you that we have just eaten chicken sandwiches with the jam (had run out of cranberry) – it was delicious.* *Results may vary.


In December 2012 I was stage 4 kidney failure and I was no longer able to process food high in potassium. I had 3 visits from the pre-dialysis nurse and stent surgery to enable me to have home dialysis was imminent. We discovered Mamaku blueberry juice advertised on line and decided to try it, we immediately ordered 12 bottles. After a month the first visit with the renal nurse practitioner showed the blood test results to have improved and to date they have been continuing to do so. All thoughts of dialysis have flown out the window and we now …Read More

Margaret, Tauranga

Dear Harry, On behalf of the Zipper Cardiac Support Club Tauranga I wish to thank you and your team for allowing us to have such a wonderful experience as we listened to your talk about your blueberry-growing venture. We appreciated, the facts you told and the chance we had to increase our personal knowledge about another NZ orchard endeavour. The humour you used in the telling was really enjoyed by all. Our group also thoroughly enjoyed their lunches, the manner in which they were presented and the taste. We were a group of people who have all had open heart …Read More


I am writing because, in January I was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer on my face. I had read the blog on your website about the lady who had been cured of lymphonia cancer, by taking your blueberry juice. I underwent radiation and at the same time ordered a supply of your juice and started taking 50mls per day. I have now had my first blood tests and I am completely clear of the cancer. So it shows how good the blueberry juice is for the body and healing.* *Results may vary.