At Mamaku Blue we follow the biological way of growing and use natural fertilizers on our farm. We also use BioGro certified inputs where possible.

Our orchard environment and maintenance methods are bee friendly. Without bees there is no pollination, without pollination there are no berries.

Natural Biological Methods

Seeking the optimum soil for Mamaku Blue ever since we started farming in 1969, we have endeavoured to understand the concept of optimum soil.

Soil is a “Living Thing” with as greater population of life below ground level as above.

Years of consultation with a myriad of experts and consultants, at some expense, we have been looking for the optimum soil for blueberries, grass on the soil and healthy fungus, worms and micro life under ground level. Both above and below soil must work in harmony to naturally ward of attacks by man’s mismanagement. When the right balance is achieved success is assured.

Killing things we do not understand is not the right answer.

Soil is no different to the human body. It needs food, water and oxygen to function and some surpluses to ward off natural environmental variations. This includes weather – hot, cold, wet – disease and other forms of competition. Given a healthy balance the soil can repair itself when adversity attacks.

At Mamaku Blue we are working on what we have got – known deficiencies – high altitude – high rainfall – generally low fertility in this young soil.

Improving the biological health of the soil over the last 20 years has shown a change in production volumes for both blueberries and grass for livestock.

We are convinced healthy soil equals healthy plants equal healthy blueberries for us all to eat for our own healthy life’s journey.