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Massey University Research

With the support of Technology New Zealand a research project was commissioned by  Mamaku Blue to ensure that their blueberry juice was packed full all nature’s goodness.  Massey University came on board, with their Professor of Post Harvest Technology Julian Heyes being the primary supervisor of the project. According to Massey University Discovery Award Mamaku Blue’s Juice has one of the highest levels of antioxidants.

Health Research

Researchers at Rutgers University in New Jersey have identified a compound in blueberries that promotes urinary tract health and reduces the risk of infection. It appears to work by preventing bacteria from adhering to the cells that line the walls of the urinary tract.

Medicinal Properties

Blueberries are rich in Anthocyanic acid which lowers blood sugars, and with ellagic acid, a naturally occurring organic acid that has been shown to inhibit cancer cells.


Our customer who has gone off dialysis by taking Mamaku Blue Pure, 100% Blueberry Juice:

It was in early July 2014 that my wife was admitted to hospital with kidney failure.  At 85 years of age she was already a diabetic on 32 units of injected insulin daily and had had a pacemaker inserted in 2013 and also had severe osteoarthritis affecting the whole of her spinal column… I learned from the internet about favourable responses attributed to the use of blueberry juice in renal failure, especially on your site at Mamaku Blue.

After consulting with her dietitian and her physician, I started her on Mamaku Blue in September… She has recently amazed us all when her renal function began to show definite signs of improvement and the renal physician began to reduce her dialysis from 3 sessions to 2 sessions per week. Then, to our final amazement he announced that she had improved to such an extent that she could come off dialysis altogether. She has been without dialysis now since early March 2015 (the past 9 weeks) and, what’s more, she no longer requires her daily dose of insulin! – Geoffrey S*

*Results may vary.


Mamaku Blue Pure, 100 % Blueberry juice can help improve your lymphoma cancer symptoms. Naturally.

Improve your health by taking as little as 150mls of Mamaku Blue Pure, 100% Blueberry juice per day.



One of our satisfied customers has this to say about Mamaku Blue Pure, 100% Blueberry Juice:

I have lymphoma skin cancer and my specialist has informed me that if i get to the next stage – when they come up and do not disappear – I will be facing radiation or chemotherapy. I took 200ml of blueberry juice a day and notices a marked difference within two days. In fact they [the lymphoma] had disappeared completely. I also have a lot more energy and feel great within myself. The blueberry juice is a supper food and has done wonders for me. – Marlene Sands*

*Results may vary.


 Learn more about how Mamaku Blue Pure, 100% Blueberry Juice has improved other health concerns:

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One of our satisfied customer has this to say about Mamaku Blue Pure:

Since starting blueberry juice in March 13 my type 2 diabetes has improved and glucose test results indicate excellent control and they now say that I am pre diabetic. – Barry*

*Results may vary.


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