Read a selection of our passionate customer testimonials here! From kidney & bladder problems to diabetes to helping ease cancer symptoms, customers rave about Mamaku Blue Pure! We are based only 20 mins north of Rotorua.

Dawn & Andy Walmsley

We were lucky enough to stop off at your shop and cafe in April whilst on holiday from the UK. We just wanted to stay that the Jams we bought to take home have been the most amazing blueberry tasting jams we’ve ever tasted. Our families have commented the same that they’ve never had anything so fantastic on pancakes, toast etc – ever. The food in the cafe (particularly the blueberry pie) was just delicious. Please also pass our thanks on to Anne for her helpful advice with regards a emigration and life in NZ. We can’t wait to return, …Read More

Chris Whitman

“About six years ago I developed macular degeneration and lost the central vision in my right eye. Someone suggested I try taking blueberries every day, and my research told me that scientists strongly recommended them, as they’re so high on the anti-oxidant list. I was very fortunate in living quite close to Mamaku, so I had a bowl of delicious berries every night, rather than having vitamin A, C, E and zinc tablets. While it didn’t stop me from getting the degeneration in my left eye, my doctor said it held the problem off for much longer than if I’d …Read More

Micky Turner and the Kapiti Country Women’s Instit

Dear John, The Kapiti CWI members wish to thank you for a wonderful day. Despite the very wet day, you made us feel at home. The warm welcome, the delicious lunch and the fun ride to the packing plant will be remembered for a long time. The guide was entertaining and the tasting was great. The kindness shown by all of you made our day.* *Results may vary.

Jo + Patrick Raston

To Anne and everyone at Mamaku Blue, Thank you for all the hard work you put into making our day one we will truly remember! The location was gorgeous, despite all the rain! It was truly mystical watching the mist roll over your vineyards – stunning! Even now we are still getting comments on how wonderful the food was – neat huh?!* *Results may vary.

Ham Gifford

During my prolonged struggle with Melanoma I have been guided on my way back to good health by my doctor who monitored my health and gave me advise on dietary changes to boost my natural immune system. At the end of each appointment the results of his tests were summarised in a biological scale reading on his computer. At my first appointment I had a reading of 12 and gradually this dropped to 7. My doctor assured me I could achieve 5 eventually and a regular intake of blueberries or similar fruit was recommended. (Half a cupful per day) Not …Read More

Ham Gifford

“My doctor recommended a regular intake of blueberries or similar fruit. (Half a cupful per day). Not only was the desired test result achieved but over the next two years a better result was consistently achieved thanks to a regular supply of both fresh and frozen fruit from Mamaku Blue.”* *Results may vary.