Energy Level

Nicola W., New Zealand

My mother has type 2 diabetes, which has brought about very poor kidney function as well as other health issues, so last year we did some research and read good things about your Mamaku blueberry juice and decided to get some for her to try and mum has not looked back since.  It has helped her kidney function stabilize, given her more energy and generally helped her overall health since she has started taking it. Thank you for such a great product Nicola* *Results may vary.

Beverly B.

I have been taking 10mls daily of Mamaku Blue Pure 100% Blueberry Juice. I have felt so much better in myself since I have been taking it. I have so much more energy, before I was getting very tired and I had to push my self. I can’t get over the difference the juice has done to me. I recommend it to anyone. Thank you for the product. Many thanks.* *Results may vary.

Judith B, Thames NZ

Thank goodness for Mamaku Blue’s Blueberry Juice! Some years ago I called into Mamaku Winery on a trip to Rotorua and along with an assortment of delicious goodies, took home two bottles of Blueberry Juice. The velvet texture and rich smoothness was delicious and I indulged myself with the special treat half a wine glass of juice each morning with breakfast. This year I discovered Mamaku Blueberry Juice was available online, directly from Mamaku Blue, and delivered to my door. As I work full time this has meant that for the last ten months I have been able to keep …Read More


I am a diabetic with type 2 diabetes, this led to my kidney failure. I lost at least 75% of my kidney function, and was on Hemodialysis at the hospital for up to 6 hours every day. I was introduced to Mamaku Blue Pure – 100% Blueberry Juice in January this year 2013. I took the suggested amount for kidney failure of 150mls per day. This had an immediate effect of increasing my urine output from just a quarter of a litre a day to filing the litre bottle and this has continued until the present day. I believe this …Read More

Letitia, Auckland

I am in my early 50’s and work full-time in a very demanding role. I am also in the midst of menopause, have high blood pressure and have had unstable blood sugar levels that were heading into abnormal levels. Earlier this year, my husband came across the blueberry juice at a farmers market and after chatting with the stallholder about the benefits, decided to purchase a bottle for me to try. So for the next week each morning, I was drinking a nip of 150mls before heading off to work. By mid-week, instead of dragging myself home after work to …Read More


“We have a family business in Auckland called KK Malaysia Cuisine. We are a very busy restaurant. 6 months ago someone introduced Mamaku Blue juice to my mother. She likes it very much. 1) This juice is tasty. 2) She feels more energy after consuming. 3) It helps digestion as well. My mum is now 65, still cooking in the kitchen and works a minimum of 65 hours per week. She keeps telling some of her friends this is the fantastic juice to keep her alive to work in this busy kitchen and it’s yummy too.”* *Results may vary.

Marlene Sands

For the Cost of a Cup of Coffee a Day my Lymphoma Skin Cancer Disappeared: I have lymphoma skin cancer, the one that comes and then disappears. My specialist has informed me that if I get to the next stage – when they come up and do not disappear – I will be facing radiation or chemotherapy. Family members went to Mamaku Blue for some blueberries and were talking to the lady there about my cancer. She told them how beneficial the juice was due to the antioxidants and vitamins in the blueberries and how it had appeared to help …Read More