Kidney & Bladder

Linda S.

I am the lucky recipient of a kidney transplant-for which I am so very grateful. About a year after the transplant my kidney was attacked by BK virus. The specialists tried several procedures to reduce the number count of the virus in my system and during that time a friend told me about Mamaku blueberry juice. I have been taking it every day since then and gradually the viral count reduced. I will always take the blueberry juice as I feel it contributed to reducing the virus in my system.* *Results may vary.

Nadeem M.

I just wanted to write and let you know that my father had a Chronic Kidney disease and he was losing his kidney function. I googled to find what’s out there to help him improve his kidney function. I saw Mamaku Blue. I ordered few bottles for him to try and saw good result so started ordering dozen every time as my fathers kidney has stabilized. I would highly recommend this to people who are suffering from kidney disease.* *Results may vary.


My brother has got chronic kidney failure since last year which make him very weak. He feels much better after taking 6 bottles of blueberry juice he can feel the difference and he’s getting better and more healthy. My husband and I also love Mamaku blueberry juice. We feel great after taking Mamaku blueberry juice.* *Results may vary.

Talosaga A., Samoa

We are from Samoa and my husband was advised that most probably he will have dialysis early this year. This was last year. He began searching in the Internet for help and he found Mamaku Blueberry Juice. After taking Mamaku Blueberry Juice for 6 months plus having a diabetic diet his glucose level is now normal and he is not taking anymore Metformin tablet which he used to take a daily dose and also the specialist has also told him that his kidneys have no clots and they are stabilized. We highly recommend Mamaku Blueberry Juice to everyone who has …Read More

Arishma L.

My Aunt was diagnosed with stage 4 chronic kidney disease and was on dialysis 3 times a week. However after trying blueberry juice she only needed dialysis once a month. We also noticed that she had lots of energy, she was full of life and generally improved her overall health since she started taking the 100% blueberry juice. Due to financial reasons we could not afford to keep up with the blueberry juice as she was paying for dialysis. As she stopped having the juice we notice that her health deteriorated, she had no energy and got sick regularly. Therefore, …Read More

Anne S., Te Puke

I also have poor kidney function due to a disease called Glomerulonephritis. I have now had this disease since 2011. I started taking Blueberry juice after reading the reviews on your website. I was in remission for approx. 1 year while taking the juice. – then stopped and the disease flared up again. Maybe it is coincidental but I have now been in remission since March last year, and I am still taking the Blueberry juice. As you can see there is no way I would stop taking your juice as it certainly has worked wonders for me. I thank …Read More

Nicola W., New Zealand

My mother has type 2 diabetes, which has brought about very poor kidney function as well as other health issues, so last year we did some research and read good things about your Mamaku blueberry juice and decided to get some for her to try and mum has not looked back since.  It has helped her kidney function stabilize, given her more energy and generally helped her overall health since she has started taking it. Thank you for such a great product Nicola* *Results may vary.

Barry Y., Auckland

18 month ago I was in Auckland Hospital with kidney failure – when discharged I was on Recormon injection 4000IU once a week. About 12 month ago I started Blueberry Juice 150 mls daily. Since I started Blueberry Juice the Renal doctor has stopped my injections completely. My kidney test at my doctors has continued to improve to a reading of 48. The only thing I have done is take Blueberry Juice every day. Thank you.* *Results may vary.

Geoffrey S., Australia

OUR CUSTOMER WHO HAS GONE OFF DIALYSIS BY TAKING MAMAKU BLUE PURE, 100% BLUEBERRY JUICE. “It was in early July 2014 that my wife was admitted to hospital with kidney failure.  At 85 years of age she was already a diabetic on 32 units of injected insulin daily and had had a pacemaker inserted in 2013 and also had severe osteoarthritis affecting the whole of her spinal column. She was also legally blind and wore a hearing aid in both ears. For 3 days after her admission she was in a coma and was given a slow dialysis after which …Read More