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My brother has got chronic kidney failure since last year which make him very weak. He feels much better after taking 6 bottles of blueberry juice he can feel the difference and he’s getting better and more healthy. My husband and I also love Mamaku blueberry juice. We feel great after taking Mamaku blueberry juice.* *Results may vary.

Judy B., Thames

For the last 2 years I have included a daily glass of  ‘Mamaku Blue’ Blueberry juice with my breakfast as I have a family history of Macular Degeneration.  I was motivated to take blueberry juice, after reading research articles regarding health benefits, as I was concerned when a regular check of my own vision revealed there was a potential problem, although not conclusively Macular.  Twelve months later I visited my optician for another check-up and was delighted to learn  the earlier problem appeared to have improved.  I continue to take this amazing juice daily, and have definitely noticed improved energy and overall well-being. Thank you so much everyone at …Read More

Claire T., Tauranga

I would go to the market often and always thought about the blueberry juice but $30 always seemed a lot for juice. One time when I was at the stand thinking once again to buy one – another customer was saying how he’s never had a cold since he started drinking it. That got me, because my partner has always got a cold, he just has to look at someone with a cold and he catches it, then he brings it home and I would end up with it. This cycle went on throughout each year. –  I also since …Read More

Lyndell, Australia

I have been taking the Mamuku berry juice for three weeks now and already I can see the difference in my skin. I am Type 2 Diabetic and therefore it takes much longer for skin conditions/cellulitis to heal. I have had a rash on my arm for months and since taking the juice for only three weeks the rash has completely gone. My BSL has shown great improvement. Thank you so much for this wonderful product. Regards, LYNDELL* *Results may vary.

Sharon S., Auckland

Second time I have purchased the 1 litre pure 100% blueberry juice on line. I have found it helped get my kidneys back in shape as blueberries are low potassium food and anti-oxidant rich food that doesn’t harm your kidneys. So even if it is a bit expensive fruit it does work. I had renal failure and was told next step was dialysis which wasn’t where I wanted to go. Started drinking 100 mls of pure blueberry juice with hot water like a tea each morning. Went to my doctor after a month and my kidneys were good, blood pressure …Read More

Kathleen & Terry, Whangarei

My husband Terry was told he had chronic kidney failure, wow, how? He had very high cholesterol so the Dr put him on a high dose of statin drugs which did nothing so they kept putting up the dose. We have read since that the statin drugs can affect your kidneys. The only thing they (Dr) could give him was blood pressure pills. After blood tests which read his kidney function at only 38-39% and the fact that they were leaking protein at a number of 12.4 (normal is 2) I started to look on the internet and found Mamaku …Read More

Karen O.

After reading online of the health benefits of having blueberries in your daily diet, and a few health issues in the family, I decided to order Mamaku Blue Blueberry juice for the family to trial. We take it in the mornings as a drink added to water. Its not until you don’t have it you realize how good you are feeling. Our whole family has felt the benefits of this and would thoroughly recommend adding it to your day.* *Results may vary.


In March 2013, I became very ill and in hospital for two nights. They couldn’t find anything wrong. My symptoms were: blown up stomach, having trouble going to the toilet and pains in the stomach, and the odd time vomiting. I had seen my Doctor who tested me for celiac, but I was clear. I went onto a gluten free diet, but that didn’t help much. I then went and saw a Naturopath who put me onto a diet of NO flours or sugars at all. I then came across the Blueberry Juice and decided to have that every morning …Read More


Kia ora Rick suffers from diabetes and has had cellulitice and swelling of the legs. He has had 2 bouts of cellutice and often has leg swelling. When taking the blueberry juice his sugar levels lower and he generally feels better in himself. His legs heal quicker if he gets any small wounds which is very important for a diabetic. His circulation also improves which helps with the swelling of the legs. Over a period of about 4 months he stopped taking the juice and tried an alternative that someone suggested which was massage of the legs with coconut juice …Read More