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Stephanie Thraves

I just have to tell you how excited I am. I started taking the blueberry juice a month ago, I have suffered with migraines for years – at least one every month – since taking the blueberry juice I haven’t had one, I now have so much energy, and feel good. That is all down to you at MAMAKU BLUE WINERY because me and my partner came last November and spoke with an elderly gentleman, about the benefits about blueberries. A MASSIVE THANK YOU.* *Results may vary.

Margaret Booth

“I have been using the pure Mamaku blue blueberry juice for 11 years. I went to visit the showroom and winery with a tour group and I was most impressed with the beneficial components of the juice. I have rheumatoid arthritis and I have found that my symptoms have not progressed at all, and my general health is excellent. I thoroughly recommend Mamaku blueberry juice.”* *Results may vary.

Stephanie Thraves

“We came to your shop last November; my partner had a trapped nerve in his wrist and was in a lot of pain. On our return to England he was going to have an operation. When we were in your shop we bought 2 bottles of the blueberry juice. My partner started taking the blueberry juice and within two weeks his wrist got better – bearing in mind he had no feelings in his first finger or his thumb and everything came back to normal. We were both very skeptical about the blueberries but after that we buy fresh blueberries …Read More

Colleen MacCarthy OBE, DSJ, OSJ

“I was introduced to the Mamaku Blueberry juice in December 2009. I have chronic kidney failure, and chronic heart disease. At that time my Nephrologist had told me that my kidney function was so bad that I would have to go on dialysis. I refused to do that and told him that he needed to find an alternative. I visited my relatives in New Zealand that Christmas, visited the farm and was introduced to the juice. I have been taking the juice on a daily basis ever since, about 150ml per day. Just a couple of weeks ago, I was …Read More

Steve O’ Callaghan

“When i’m taking the blueberry juice I feel good and my body feels fit. My general vitality and well being is much better. I also found that my recovery after the Rotorua marathon was much quicker this time then previously. When I haven’t been using the juice I noticed a big difference. I also find it a great thirst quencher as well!”* *Results may vary.