Chris Whitman

“About six years ago I developed macular degeneration and lost the central vision in my right eye. Someone suggested I try taking blueberries every day, and my research told me that scientists strongly recommended them, as they’re so high on the anti-oxidant list. I was very fortunate in living quite close to Mamaku, so I had a bowl of delicious berries every night, rather than having vitamin A, C, E and zinc tablets.

While it didn’t stop me from getting the degeneration in my left eye, my doctor said it held the problem off for much longer than if I’d had no blueberries. Coincidentally, during that time, science came up with a new treatment for the condition, and because the blueberries had slowed the degeneration, the treatment was a success.

I am eternally grateful for my friend who put me onto blueberries. Without them life would be a lot harder.”*

*Results may vary.