Christine H.

In 2007 I underwent open heart surgery to replace my aortic valve.
Subsequent complications made it necessary to change medication to control atrial fibrillation, and extra fluid. Some medication causes kidney function problems. My sister-in-law also had the same surgery 12 years before me.

Sadly she passed due to kidney failure. Losing her pushed me to search online for help to preserve my kidneys. I came across Mamaku Blueberries. I have been using Mamaku Pure Blueberry Juice for a while now, 100mls when I first get up in the morning. It provides me with extra energy, and I am working full time. My regular 3 monthly testing for kidney function shows an improvement, my GP is very happy with the test results. Thank you Mamaku Blue, I am extremely happy with the results and recommend the product to anyone especially those with health concerns.*

*Results may vary.