Claire T., Tauranga

I would go to the market often and always thought about the blueberry juice but $30 always seemed a lot for juice. One time when I was at the stand thinking once again to buy one – another customer was saying how he’s never had a cold since he started drinking it. That got me, because my partner has always got a cold, he just has to look at someone with a cold and he catches it, then he brings it home and I would end up with it. This cycle went on throughout each year. –  I also since menopause have had irritable bowel – I once got told by an iridologist that I had a leaky gut and have tried many pills and potions, nothing really worked.  Soo I started Blueberry Juice it was delicious and because I had just started I couldn’t help myself by drinking a little to much and would run out before next market, I did not like to run out as I was feeling much better. I had been taking it for two months and as if by magic my bowels settled, my partner kept coming home with his colds and I didn’t catch them. I sort of couldn’t believe how something could work so fast. I missed going to the market for two months not by choice and all my old symptoms started to come back, I couldn’t hardly wait for the next market to get more and feel better. $30 is nothing compared to how much it has done for my health. I am totally hooked and very glad I overheard the customer that day. It’s proof to me that there are magic potions out there and Blueberry Juice is mine. I will never stop drinking it.*

*Results may vary.