Retail Shop

Have you tried the delicious Blueberry Products in our Retail Shop? Only 20 mins north of Rotorua.

On arrival at Mamaku Blue’s retail shop you will be welcomed in and offered free tasting of, not only our Wine, Liqueur, and Pure Blueberry Juice but also our homemade preserves! Taste the difference when you sample our Full Fruit Jam, Jelly, Chutney and Chilli. Or why not come and enjoy ‘Real Fruit Ice Cream‘ soft serve in a waffle cone?

Other products include Blueberry Chocolate, Blueberry Soap and Toiletries. You will be amazed at our extensive range. Who knew so much could be made from this ‘Little Miracle Berry?’

Unique Gooseberry Products

Remember Grandma and her English Green Gooseberries? Well, we have them here too, so take a trip down memory lane and discover our Gooseberry products. Including: Jam, Chutney, Chilli and Pickled Gooseberries. A real taste delight with cheese and crackers. We even have Gooseberry Ice Cream.

Blueberry & Gooseberry Giftbaskets

Our Gift Baskets make ideal presents for Christmas, Birthdays or that other special occasion. Unique and different, you cannot purchase our products anywhere else in the world!

Why not purchase now from our ONLINE shop? And get our specialty products delivered direct to your door.

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