Ham Gifford

During my prolonged struggle with Melanoma I have been guided on my way back to good health by my doctor who monitored my health and gave me advise on dietary changes to boost my natural immune system.

At the end of each appointment the results of his tests were summarised in a biological scale reading on his computer. At my first appointment I had a reading of 12 and gradually this dropped to 7. My doctor assured me I could achieve 5 eventually and a regular intake of blueberries or similar fruit was recommended. (Half a cupful per day)

Not only was 5 achieved but over the next two years 3 was consistently achieved thanks to a regular supply of both fresh and frozen fruit from ‘Mamaku Blue”. Both physician and patient were surprised and delighted.

Today nearly two years have passed without obvious signs of melanoma and I continue enjoying blueberries almost on a year round basis.*

*Results may vary.