Jenny Minogue

“I want to share my blueberry experience story with you. I buy your beautiful blueberries from you throughout the year and know how much they benefit my health. Organic is important for me as I suffer quite severely from the effect of sprays and chemicals in the environment and on food.

Some months ago I found myself out of blueberries and with the market day several weeks away I decided to purchase a packet of ORGANIC berries from the supermarket. The frozen berries were considerably smaller in size than what I am accustomed to from Mamaku Blue, but I didn’t let that put me off – I needed my blueberry fix every morning! The taste was a little less sweet also, quite bland in comparison. However within 3 days I had developed my classic toxicity symptoms – aching muscles, extreme fatigue, nausea, loss of appetite, etc, etc, and had to step back and look at what I had consumed or exposed myself to. The only thing I could come up with was the supermarket berries. Once I stopped eating them, the symptoms slowly disappeared. What have I learned from this? Not only that your blueberries are the BEST, but also that ORGANIC does not always mean ORGANIC!

Thank you Mamaku Blue for coming to the Mount regularly and enabling me to purchase the yummest berries and maintain my health.”*

*Results may vary.