In March 2013, I became very ill and in hospital for two nights. They couldn’t find anything wrong. My symptoms were: blown up stomach, having trouble going to the toilet and pains in the stomach, and the odd time vomiting. I had seen my Doctor who tested me for celiac, but I was clear. I went onto a gluten free diet, but that didn’t help much. I then went and saw a Naturopath who put me onto a diet of NO flours or sugars at all. I then came across the Blueberry Juice and decided to have that every morning when I first woke, diluted with boiling water. (No sugar added as it is pure). I found that I didn’t need very much and found the bottle of juice would go off before I finished it. I now put the juice into ice cube trays and freeze it. Every morning I use 30mls diluted with water. It certainly keeps me regular. If I haven’t been to the toilet because of something foreign that I have eaten, then I use more juice. I also use the frozen blueberries in my smoothies first thing in the mornings.*

*Results may vary.