John and Margaret, Northland

After too many years (more than 20) of taking statins for high cholesterol John became convinced that these statins were having a detrimental effect on his health rather than being positive, we decided to try and find if there was a natural way of controlling his cholesterol level. A search on Goggle came up with blue berries and a further search led us to Mamaku Blue. We decided that it was worth a shot so ordered some bottles to try. John found that drinking Mamaku Blue blueberry juice no hardship at all and has religiously taken his blue berry juice every morning since we heard of it. You can imagine our delight when his cholesterol remained within a manageable level even after we started to lower the dose of statins he had been on for a number of years. John recently stopped taking statins and so far although slightly high his cholesterol level is manageable. I only wish we had known of the fabulous health benefits of blue berries years ago. So our grateful thanks go to Anne and Harry for their hard work and belief in their product.*

*Results may vary.