Judy Thomas, Auckland

I visited Mamaku Blue last March and I was very interested to read Colleen MacCarthy’s testimonial as I also have chronic kidney failure. I was at stage 4 – advanced kidney failure with severe decrease in the filtration of my kidneys. Stage 5 is Dialysis to survive. Anne saw me reading the testimonial and told me a little of Colleen’s success and suggested I have a try. I tasted the sample of juice, and it was so delicious! I bought a bottle and went on the recommended dose of 150 mls daily. A week later I went off for my fortnightly blood test and I could hardly believe the result, my kidneys had improved by 12% and I was in Stage 3 – chronic kidney failure with a moderate loss of filtration! What a difference it was. I have been continuing to order my fortnightly supplyand my kidneys have remained in Stage 3. It is now the last day of May and I know it is the blueberry juice that has caused this amazing result. I will be keeping on with my daily dose for sure. Many thanks to you too Anne for your kindness.

Feb 2012 diagnosed with kidney failure.
(Globular Filtration Rate) GFR was 27 when I came to Mamaku Blue Blueberry Experience Complex.
Two weeks of 150mls of Mamaku Blue 100% Blueberry Juice a day, GFR rate rose to 36
GFR rate remained around 35 34
Reduced the amount of Blueberry Juice per day and ran out before my test..
Next test showed the GFR rate back down to 25.
Back to 150mls per day next test GFR rate up to 37.*

*Results may vary.