Kathleen & Terry, Whangarei

My husband Terry was told he had chronic kidney failure, wow, how? He had very high cholesterol so the Dr put him on a high dose of statin drugs which did nothing so they kept putting up the dose. We have read since that the statin drugs can affect your kidneys. The only thing they (Dr) could give him was blood pressure pills. After blood tests which read his kidney function at only 38-39% and the fact that they were leaking protein at a number of 12.4 (normal is 2) I started to look on the internet and found Mamaku blueberries which they said were very high in antioxidants would help. We visited the shop and ordered 6 bottles to start with and with him taking 150mls daily his next test the protein leaking went down to 4.2. The Dr was amazed and said keep doing what your doing. He did cut the juice down to 100mls but it went back up to 10.4 again. He is back taking 150mls and we have been testing him every month or so to check it and at the moment is has gone down to 4.4. The kidney function has stayed at the same %. So we continue to monitor his kidneys. This product is very good and has so many benefits we were very pleased to have come across it and told a lot of friends and family about it.*

*Results may vary.