Letitia, Auckland

I am in my early 50’s and work full-time in a very demanding role. I am also in the midst of menopause, have high blood pressure and have had unstable blood sugar levels that were heading into abnormal levels.

Earlier this year, my husband came across the blueberry juice at a farmers market and after chatting with the stallholder about the benefits, decided to purchase a bottle for me to try.
So for the next week each morning, I was drinking a nip of 150mls before heading off to work.
By mid-week, instead of dragging myself home after work to collapse on the couch for a nap, I was actually able to get home and have the energy to get some chores done straight away.
We definitely thought we were on to a good thing so put an order in so that our adult daughters could try the juice too.

Three months down the track, we are really starting to feel the benefits.
I am finding so much more energy to cope with stressful workloads. I have increased clarity of thought, especially for problem solving and working more efficiently through an ability to organise my thoughts, (which is not always easy for menopausal women!).
My blood sugar levels are stable, as I’m not feeling ‘highs & lows’ through the day and my blood pressure recordings have dropped at least 20mmols on both diastolic and systolic readings.
My daughters are reporting increased vitality, stomach ease and have described a feeling ‘level moodedinness’.

Our family is amazed at the quality of this juice – thank you!*

*Results may vary.