Loretta L.

Hello to you all
I thought I should let you know how much the Blueberry Juice is helping me.
I have been on dialysis for two years. This has meant sitting with the machine 5 hours 3x a week. Initially there were two parts to the treatment – cleansing the blood and removing excess fluid.
Recently I realised I was able to drink 2 litres of fluid a day and with my kidneys working quite well I was not accumulating fluid. I now only need to have the cleansing of the blood which is a huge help. I am the only patient in the Wellington Renal Department in this situation!
I have been drinking the Blueberry Juice everyday for 18 months. I’m sure this has helped the kidney function to improve.
The nurses are amazed at my state of health. I’m not sure whether my renal doctor will agree that it is the Blueberry Juice. However I will discuss the results with him.

Thank you again. I’m very pleased that my son Derek L. suggested I take it and has been paying for it for me. This is a big help.*

*Results may vary.