Marlene Sands

For the Cost of a Cup of Coffee a Day my Lymphoma Skin Cancer Disappeared:
I have lymphoma skin cancer, the one that comes and then disappears. My specialist has informed me that if I get to the next stage – when they come up and do not disappear – I will be facing radiation or chemotherapy.
Family members went to Mamaku Blue for some blueberries and were talking to the lady there about my cancer. She told them how beneficial the juice was due to the antioxidants and vitamins in the blueberries and how it had appeared to help other people, so I decided to give it a go. At the time I did have a lot of lymphoma appearing. I took 200ml of blueberry juice a day and noticed a marked difference within two days. In fact they had disappeared completely. After two weeks I decided to stop as I felt it could be to strong for my stomach. I then noticed the lymphoma had returned so decided to re-start the juice. I was then completely free of the lymphoma for two months. A couple have since reappeared and them disappeared – seemingly in two monthly cycles – but nothing on the scale as previously.
I feel that daily taking the blueberry juice has surely helped with keeping the lymphoma at bay. I also have a lot more energy and feel great within myself. The blueberry juice is a super food and has done wonders for me.*

*Results may vary.