Pure Blueberry Juice – Dozen

Blueberry juice 1L x3


Would you like to buy less than a dozen or a dozen in a glass bottles?

With more than one decade of experience we produce this fresh delicious tasting juice. 100% Pure, no added sugar, no additives. We are amazed with our customers testimonials for kidney failure, cancer, diabetes and many others. Mamaku Blue Pure is not just a drink, it is a healthy start to your day which we happily experience ourselves.

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Product Description

Massey University Research

With the support of Technology New Zealand a research project was commissioned by Mamaku Blue to ensure that their blueberry juice was packed full all nature’s goodness. Massey University came on board with their Professor of Post Harvest Technology Julian Heyes being the primary supervisor of the project. According to Massey University Discovery Award Mamaku Blue’s Juice has one of the highest levels of antioxidants.

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Twelve 1L bottles of blueberry juice. 1.5 kg of our ripest and plumpest berries are hand pressed to create 1L of this liquid health drink. Capturing all of the vital health benefits that the Blueberry contains, this juice is delicious served cold by itself, topped up with lemonade to make a light summer drink or serve it hot as a satisfying Blueberry tea.


I purchased the Mamaku Blueberry Juice when I was desperate for something to help my 89 year old father, with his failing kidney function.
At that stage he had 20% function and was failing fast. Doctors really didn’t have any answers, except to say that he would soon need to consider dialysis. After 3 weeks of taking the juice, his kidney function improved to 29%. Doctors couldn’t believe it as they had told him the best they expected was that he may hold at 20% if he was lucky. Three weeks later, there was further improvement to 38% and after another month it has improved further to 44%. There have been no other changes to his medication and this we believe is all due to the Blueberry Juice, of which he takes 150ml per day.
My mother of 85 years, has Type 2 diabetes and suffers repeated urinary tract infections. She struggled to keep her blood sugar reading stable. Readings would range from 7 to 10 and sometimes higher. She has also decided to take the juice and has had fabulous blood sugar readings of 5 and 6 since being on the juice. They are both very happy and extremely relieved. I have no doubt it is helping in other areas as well. This will be a standard order for them now. There are just too many benefits to even consider not taking the Mamaku Blueberry Juice. It’s hard to believe that something that tastes so good, can actually be good for you ! Thank you so very much for this wonderful product. You have no idea how much pain and anxiety has disappeared from our lives since we found your company and ordered this amazing product.

*Results may vary.

Julie, Australia
10th October 2014

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