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With more than one decade of experience we produce this delicious tasting juice. 100% pure, no added sugar, no additives. We are amazed with our customers testimonials for kidney failure, cancer, diabetes and many others. Mamaku Blue Pure is not just a drink, it is a healthy start to your day which we happily experience ourselves.

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Product Description

1L bottle of blueberry juice. 1.5 kg of our ripest and plumpest berries are hand pressed to create this liquid health drink. Capturing all of the vital health benefits that the Blueberry contains, this juice is delicious served cold by itself, topped up with lemonade to make a light summer drink or serve it hot as a satisfying Blueberry tea.

Massey University Research

With the support of Technology New Zealand, a research project was commissioned by Mamaku Blue to ensure that their pressed blueberry juice was packed full all nature’s goodness. Massey University came on board with their Professor of Post Harvest Technology Julian Heyes being the primary supervisor of the project. According to Massey University Discovery Award Mamaku Blue’s Juice has one of the highest levels of antioxidants.

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I am a diabetic with type 2 diabetes, this led to my kidney failure. I lost at least 75% of my kidney function and was on Hemodialysis at the hospital for up to 6 hours every day.

I was introduced to Mamaku Blue Pure – 100% Blueberry Juice in January this year 2013. I took the suggested amount for kidney failure of 150mls per day. This had an immediate effect of increasing my urine output from just a quarter of a litre a day to filing the litre bottle and this has continued until the present day. I believe this Mamaku Blue Juice seems to have kicked my kidneys into life again. I am now on APD Dialysis at home, plugged in at night while I sleep – I have my life back, I can now do other activities in the day time.

I had trouble with my eyes my vision was blurred, but after drinking this Mamaku Blue Blueberry Juice my vision became clear – however when I ran out of Juice my vision became blurry again once back on the Juice my vision cleared. Amazing result.

The Mamaku Blue Pure 100% Blueberry Juice still has it’s natural sugars but did not seem to have a negative effect on my blood sugar levels which remain to be quite good. I believe it has also helped my pancreas which is now functioning better.

My energy levels have really increased since having the Mamaku Blue Juice, declines when I run out, and comes back when I start the Juice again.

On the medical side my doctor is very pleased with my medical results and has informed me that my blood count is becoming normal, so I do not have to take the blood count pills anymore, he has also taken me off the pills that stopped the potassium and calcium build up in my body as the levels of both are now normal.

I believe the Mamaku Blue Juice takes the toxins and excess fluid out of your body. I am so pleased I found it – but wish I had been introduced to this Mamaku Blue Pure 100% Blueberry Juice before my kidneys had got so bad.*

*Results may vary.

3rd August 2013

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Dimensions 9 x 6 x 25 cm

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