Pure Blueberry Juice 750ml Glass Bottle

Blueberry Juice Bottle


Would you like to buy a dozen in glass bottles and save or we have 1 L plastic bottles available.

With more than one decade of experience we produce this delicious tasting juice in a glass bottle. 100% Pure, no added sugar, no additives. We are amazed with our customers testimonials for kidney failure, cancer, diabetes and many others. Mamaku Blue Pure is not just a drink, it is a healthy start to your day which we happily experience ourselves.

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Product Description

Massey University Research

With the support of Technology New Zealand a research project was commissioned by Mamaku Blue to ensure that their pressed blueberry juice was packed full all nature’s goodness. Massey University came on board with their Professor of Post Harvest Technology Julian Heyes being the primary supervisor of the project. According to Massey University Discovery Award Mamaku Blue’s Juice has one of the highest levels of antioxidants.

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1.5 kg of our ripest and plumpest berries are hand pressed to create this liquid health drink which you can then purchase in 1 litre plastic or 750ml glass bottles. Capturing all of the vital health benefits that the Blueberry contains, this juice is delicious served cold by itself, topped up with lemonade to make a light summer drink or serve it hot as a satisfying Blueberry tea.



It was in early July 2014 that my wife was admitted to hospital with kidney
failure.  At 85 years of age she was already a diabetic on 32 units of
injected insulin daily and had had a pacemaker inserted in 2013 and also had
severe osteoarthritis affecting the whole of her spinal column. She was also
legally blind and wore a hearing aid in both ears. For 3 days after her
admission she was in a coma and was given a slow dialysis after which she
slowly regained consciousness. Her urine output early was nil or next to
nothing and this was so for many weeks. The official medical outlook was
most pessimistic but she was maintained on 3 dialysis sessions per week. I
learned from the internet about favourable responses attributed to the use
of blueberry juice in renal failure, especially on your site at Mamaku Blue.
After consulting with her dietitian and her physician, I started her on
Mamaku Blue in September.  The first thing that I soon noticed was a mild
but quite distinct improvement in her urine output and that in itself was
encouraging. Finally, she was allowed home with strict attention to diet in
late November but still on 3 dialyses per week.  Unfortunately, she had been
home for only 3 weeks when she suffered an embolic stroke on Christmas Day
2014 and was admitted back into hospital.  She still has a left-sided
paresis (arm and leg) and is now bed-ridden but she communicates well and is
a pure delight. Her facial palsy is almost undetectable. It was not until
early February 2015 that she was again allowed home from hospital as we had
arranged for home nursing and home dialysis.  Since September 2014 and
throughout all this, I had been able to maintain her intake of 150 mls of
Mamaku blueberry juice daily. She has recently amazed us all when her renal
function began to show definite signs of improvement and the renal physician
began to reduce her dialysis from 3 sessions to 2 sessions per week. Then,
to our final amazement he announced that she had improved to such an extent
that she could come off dialysis altogether. She has been without dialysis
now since early March 2015 (the past 9 weeks) and, what’s more, she no
longer requires her daily dose of insulin! Her back pain has improved to the
extent that she no longer takes any regular analgaesics for it.  All her
other physical signs and observations are within the normal range.  Her last
blood test about 10 days ago showed a still further improvement in renal
function and she seems to be going well.  As well as wonderful medical
attention and nursing care there have no doubt been many prayers offered for
her recovery during this period and we are thankful indeed for them all.
Nonetheless, there is no doubt in our mind that Blueberry juice has been the
main vehicle by which her amazing improvement has been achieved and we are
most grateful for that and also to Anne Frost at Mamaku Blue for her early
encouragement ’to try it out’”.

This seems a long testimonial but it is worth telling despite our age and
maybe more so because of the age!  Anyway, we would be happy for you to use
the above.

Best wishes and thank you again.

*Results may vary.

Geoffrey S., Australia
1st May 2015

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 7 x 7 x 25 cm