Rita, Auckland

My family started on Mamaku Pure Blueberry Juice earlier in the year for the purpose of getting the general health benefits that the juice offers. I take half a glass (about 50-80ml) of the juice on a daily basis. This winter I was unexpectedly and pleasantly surprised that the Housewife hand eczema did not come back on my hands. I have had this very annoying eczema for a few years. I have seen several different dermatologists and have tried all kinds of hand creams, oils and glycerine. Nothing has worked until now. I still remember in the past winters my skin at the fingertips became scaling, cracking and bleeding. The bleeding cuts caused me extreme pain. My life style has remained the same and I haven’t changed my diet except drinking this blueberry juice every day. We would continue to order the Mamaku Blueberry Juice and would highly recommend it to anyone. Many thanks to Mamaku Blue.*

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