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Wet Day Tour Option

On wet days visit our Function Room and browse through the memorabilia of Mamaku in our “Motaron Museum.” Sing along to the Pianola or just enjoy the Views.

Motaron Museum Tour:

The late Tom Frost (Harry’s Dad) had a great interest in the Mamaku District Forestry and Farming History. So in his retiring years he started a collection which grew and grew. While another member of the community spent years collecting Mamaku History Photos. These now form the basis for the small private “Motaron” Museum at Mamaku Blue. Here you can discover both this extensive photo gallery recording the events of the district over the last 100 years and this private collection of Farm and Forestry Machinery. Be surprised to see the things that your Grandmother or Grandfather used when you were small, see the different telephones used through the ages. Further Local History Photos and Collections welcomed.

  • Museum Tour – $2.00

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