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Gooseberry Crumble Recipe

1kg Gooseberries
½ Cup sugar

Put in microwave-safe bowl or jug and cook until gooseberries are soft and skins burst (approximately 10-15 mins in the microwave).
Thicken cooked gooseberries with 2 tablespoons cornflour mixed in lemon juice if not enough lemon, the juice from the gooseberries can be used.
Place in an ovenproof dish.

1 Cup flour (Wholemeal flour can be used)
½ Teaspoon baking powder
½ Cup sugar
30grms butter
Coconut can also be added if desired

Rub or cut in butter.
Spread over Gooseberries.
Bake in the oven at 200ºC until golden approx 20mins.