Mamaku Blue Blueberry farm, orchard and winery

We supply the finest blueberries and gooseberries
in the Bay of Plenty region and New Zealand.

The multi-award winning Mamaku Blue ‘Blueberry Experience’ & Winery is a family owned and operated business located just 12 minutes north of the Agrodome, Rotorua, New Zealand.

We supply fresh and frozen blueberries and gooseberries for local farmers markets, also a variety of specialized products. Wines, liqueur, pure juice, jams, jelly, sauces, chocolates, real fruit ice cream and much more.


What our customers say

My family started on Mamaku Pure Blueberry Juice earlier in the year for the purpose of getting the general health benefits that the juice offers. I take half a glass (about 50-80ml) of the juice on a daily basis. This winter I was unexpectedly and pleasantly surprised that the Housewife hand eczema did not come back on my hands. I have had this very annoying eczema for a few years. I have seen several different dermatologists and have tried all kinds of hand creams, oils and glycerine. Nothing has worked until now. I still remember in the past winters my skin at the fingertips became scaling, cracking and bleeding. The bleeding cuts caused me extreme pain. My life style has remained the same and I haven’t changed my diet except drinking this blueberry juice every day. We would continue to order the Mamaku Blueberry Juice and would highly recommend it to anyone. Many thanks to Mamaku Blue.*
Results may vary*

Rita, Auckland

“I have been giving the blueberry juice to my Mum for around 4 to 5 months now. She is a Type 2 Diabetic. Since having the juice daily, she has noticed an improvement in her blood sugars. They no longer fluctuate throughout the day as they did before. An example, prior to taking the juice, if she did not eat her lunch at 12 on the dot, this would result in a blood sugar low pretty promptly, requiring her to drink or eat something fast! She now has no issues if she eats her lunch a little later, often lasting until 1pm or later with no crashes! She also mentioned recently that she feels her eyesight has improved as she found herself in a situation where she needed to read a book and did not have her glasses with her. Usually she wouldn’t be able to read it, but she attempted it and much to her surprise was able to read the few pages she needed to with no trouble and without her glasses. She says this has not happened before and attributes this to the juice. My Mum and I are very pleased with the results and will continue to have the juice daily (100-150mls daily). Thanks so much!”*

*Results may vary.

Sidhu S, Auckland

Hi there, Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your juice! I have suffered from migraines for years and have tried all sorts of things to try and help them. I have had a noticeable decrease in migraines since I have started taking the juice daily. At one point I ran out and within a couple of weeks the migraines were back. I make sure I don’t run out now! Thanks.*

*Results may vary.


Hi John and Anne

I am so pleased to inform you that my husband’s kidney function has improved; since he has started taking the Mamaku blue blueberry juice daily from September last year. His creatinine count has gone down from 125 to 115 and his Egfr has improved from 58 to 61. He is currently on no other medications. We will continue with this therapy and hope for a further improvement in the future. Thanks for your product and excellent customer services provided by John.*

*Results may vary.

Benaifer, Australia

Hi, I would just like to share this info with you. I have had fibromyalgia for around 10 years, I started having a cup of blueberries in my smoothies every day for the past two years. The amazing thing is I am now off all my medication. I can get out there and have a normal life again. Thank you Mamaku Blue and your precious little natural blueberries. Raewyn. *

*Results may vary.

Raewyn Malaquin